We are a school strongly in favour of school uniform.  We believe that a uniform is smart in appearance, wears well thus reducing cost to parents and contributes to a feeling of belonging.  We would also like to let parents know that we have a smart and inexpensive P.E. kit.

School uniform can be bought from Warrington School Wear Centre Shop in Buttermarket Street in Warrington town centre for uniform items with our school logo.  However, any department store or supermarket will stock basic items of uniform.

Please see the second link to your right hand side to find out more about the School Uniform Network based in the Golden Square. Here you will find quality, preloved school uniform which families may find more cost effective during these difficult times. The shop is open from 10am – 2pm on Tuesday – Saturday.

P.E. Kit, White T shirt, Navy blue shorts, Navy blue P.E. skirt, School sweatshirt, Black Pumps, (Trainers/boots may be worn on the field), Swimming Kit, Bathing costume or trunks (not football shorts please)/large towel/hair bobble (or similar) for long hair.

Please help us to reduce the amount of lost property by labelling each item of your child’s clothing – thank-you!


Light blue shirt or blouse
Navy blue ‘V’ neck sweater/cardigan
School sweatshirt
Grey trousers for boys
Navy blue skirt/pinafore for girls
Royal blue tie


Light blue polo shirt
Grey shorts for boys
Pale blue gingham check dress for girls
White cardigan for girls


Sensible black shoes please with no heels.  We would ask that children do not wear trainers for school.  Pumps should be worn inside school.


The only jewellery allowed in school is a wristwatch.  We ask for your support in not allowing your child to wear rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces to school for two important reasons:

  1. Earrings, rings and necklaces pose a danger to both the child wearing them and other children around them, particularly in the playground or in a P.E. lesson.
  2. Jewellery can be expensive and very easy to lose.  We cannot be held responsible for any items of personal property, which have been lost.

Our lost property collection is proof that children do lose things!
There is no reason why a child who wears earrings cannot leave them out for school and replace them when at home (apart from the initial six week period after the piercing). Consequently, if you do wish to have your child’s ears pierced, we ask you to have this done at the beginning of the summer holiday.  If ears are pierced during the school term, parents must ensure that they cover the earrings with plasters, before bringing their child into school.